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Video Advertising: Maximizing Potential and Importance

video advertising

With videos becoming more and more popular amongst the audience, it stands to reason that companies and marketing professionals have shifted their attention towards video advertising. Granted, video ads can at times annoy a viewer whilst they are watching a video, research, however, shows that the click-through rate of a video ad has increased by 55% over the past year alone. This in itself shows the growth of video ads.

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Print Design

Ignite the Creative Spark with These 10 Promotional Posters

promotional posters

Though print has taken a somewhat backseat over other mediums of advertising, promotional posters are still favored by marketers as a way to reach out to the audience. Not only do these posters look striking, but they also prove to be great items for collectors as well as film buffs and more. So if you too have a special place in your heart for them, then you are going to love the selection of posters (some of them award winning) that we are going to share with you today!

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Logo Design

Common Mistakes Made By Logo Designers

Mistakes by logo designers

We all know that a logo is important for the identification of a business, which is why so much stress is placed on getting its design just right. But unfortunately, not all designers are able to do so and end up creating a faux pas which spoils the overall purpose and use of the logo. And since we always talk about what you should be doing when designing a logo, we thought that we would take this opportunity and share with you some of the common mistakes that you SHOULD avoid at all costs to ensure that your logo design is of any value to the business.

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Web Design

These Gaming Websites Are Giving Us Major Design Goals

Gaming Websites

Gaming companies definitely have an edge when it comes to designing, which is evident in their games. But did you know that when it comes to websites, these companies actually have sites that are far from the typical and often boring designs? Apparently, not only do they have hit the jackpot with some of their games, but with their website design as well.  Don’t believe us? Take a look at how some of these gaming biggies have designed their sites by effectively utilizing the main elements of design along with a deep understanding of their target audience and what appeals to them.

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Branding: Important Elements of Visual Design

Important Elements of Visual Design

Branding is important if you want to create a unique place for your business in the market. However, when it comes to visual design in branding, the following are the elements that you need to keep in mind:

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Web Design

The Best Web Tools And Services Of 2017 For The Internet Savvy

best web design tools 2017

With so many web tools and services out there in the market these days, we understand that it gets confusing to pick one that will best work for you. Therefore, we have rounded up few of the best web tools and services that you need to check out in 2017.

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