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This Is Why Your Company Needs An Immediate Logo Redesign

This Is Why Your Company Needs An Immediate Logo Redesign

A good logo speaks a lot about a brand – in fact a logo that has been widely accepted by the target audience becomes a valuable asset to the brand but what happens when it doesn’t manage to create an impact on them? What happens when after a few years you realize that your logo is no longer proving to be as valuable as it initially was? What happens when it loses its appeal?

Well, that’s when you realize that your logo needs a whole new makeover. See what happens is that, at times, certain situations come up that affects the way audience look at a brand – a scandal or a big merger or just about anything that really impacts the way the audience perceives a brand. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at some of the factors which really calls for a whole new logo redesign:

A Merger Or New Business
Now this definitely calls for a logo makeover because acquiring a new business or merging with another brand changes the scope of what the brand initially stands for and your logo needs to be able to reflect that change.

Changed Directions
Often times what happens is that a brand tends to shift its focus from what they had initially set out do. Now it’s during this time that the image of a brand slightly alters and affects the way the audience sees your brand. Therefore, this is a time where a logo makeover would be benefit your brand.

Crisis Management
If your brand is bouncing back from a crisis, then that’s when you need a new logo. That new logo would be a reflection of your brand coming back stronger and it will help because then the audience will not remember or associate that old logo to the new image.

Your Old Logo Sucked
Okay that’s pretty harsh but it’s the truth and one of the main reasons that you need to go for a new logo. A badly designed logo will not help to build your brand’s image which is why investing a new logo is  a must.

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