Why You Should Stay Away From The Temptation Of A “Cheap” Explainer Video

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Over time, we have all come across such videos that are not just bad, they are horrible! Those videos tend to be a result of bad script, editing and lack of proper concept and resources which are reflected in the overall quality of the video. Which is why we always stress on quality produced videos over inexpensive ones. But that is something that not every business agrees on, for some it’s about saving costs and making do with any video. However, that view could result in the business facing losses not just financial but also in other ways.

So before you go ahead and invest in a video that is of cheap quality, check out some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before making that decision:

Trust over Cost

We have all seen those low-budget videos that are always on tv or on the internet…but have you ever actually considered them to be legit? The thing is that we always tend to judge a company by the quality of its products, and technically a video is also considered to be amongst the products of a company. The lower quality your video is, the lower the amount of trust your customers will have in you.

Creating an Impact

The whole intent behind creating a video is to create an impact on your audience. However, video companies that are offering inexpensive videos usually don’t put a lot of thought behind a video – they tend to have templates that they use for almost every video they produce so your video loses out on the originality factor, hence the whole impact that you wanted to create with your video gets lost on the viewer.


For a video to get any return on investment (ROI), it is essential that it is able to attract a high number of customers. However, that is only possible if you invest in a quality video that will be able to communicate effectively with them and be able to reach out to them through its content.

Remember, at the end of the day, your video is representing the quality of products that your company produces; hence, investing in a high quality explainer video could result in a must if you want to achieve a positive response from it.

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