Video Advertising: Maximizing Potential and Importance

video advertising

With videos becoming more and more popular amongst the audience, it stands to reason that companies and marketing professionals have shifted their attention towards video advertising. Granted, video ads can at times annoy a viewer whilst they are watching a video, research, however, shows that the click-through rate of a video ad has increased by 55% over the past year alone. This in itself shows the growth of video ads.

However, since the consumers increased use and preference of mobile phones over desktop internet use, marketing companies have now started investing more in mobile video ads over desktop ads. But that’s not all – mobile videos popularity has grown due to many factors, some of which we have highlighted below:

  • Increased levels of viewer engagement
  • Trackable and direct response format
  • Great way for consumers to explore the product before purchase
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Great way to provide information to consumers and garner their interest

Maximizing the Potential of Video Ads

Yes, video ads have grown – yet there is still a lot of potential in this medium that is yet to be tapped. However, in order to maximize results from this form of advertising, it is important that a video ad:

Educates about the product

In order for a mobile video ad to really benefit the viewer and achieve positive results for the company, it is important that the video ad is created to specifically highlight the benefits of a service or a product to the viewer. This is extremely important because it will help to educate the consumer about what the product is about, it’s features, benefits and how it will be of use of the consumer.

Entertains yet include informative content

It’s pretty obvious that no one will want to watch a video that is boring and the same applies to video ads. In order to catch and hold on to a viewer’s attention, you want to ensure that the content of the video is not only informative, but it is presented in such a way that it doesn’t get dull or boring for the viewer. The video should be fast paced and interesting to really make an impact on the viewer.

Tells a story

Videos are actually a great way for a brand to tell their story in a more effective manner compared to other forms of advertising such as banners, posters, etc. A well-scripted video is one that is able to clearly convey the message that the brand wants to give out to their customers and at the same time, be interesting enough to hold their attention without coming across as being too intrusive.

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