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Video Advertising: Maximizing Potential and Importance

video advertising

With videos becoming more and more popular amongst the audience, it stands to reason that companies and marketing professionals have shifted their attention towards video advertising. Granted, video ads can at times annoy a viewer whilst they are watching a video, research, however, shows that the click-through rate of a video ad has increased by 55% over the past year alone. This in itself shows the growth of video ads.

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Branding: Important Elements of Visual Design

Important Elements of Visual Design

Branding is important if you want to create a unique place for your business in the market. However, when it comes to visual design in branding, the following are the elements that you need to keep in mind:

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Tips to Build A Successful Brand

Successful Brand tips

Building a brand that is successful is not easy; it takes a lot of time, effort and smart strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition. It’s not something that can be done overnight – rather it works more like a trial and error – what may work for one brand might not work for the other. That said, there are certain tips and tricks that you can use that will definitely help you to build a successful brand.

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6 Ways To Make Your Brand A Millennial Magnet

Brand A Millennial Magnet

Brands are now directing their advertising towards the younger generation and for good reason. The fact is that those born between the years 1980-2000 (millennials) are the largest consumers in the world today. And though that might give an impression that they might be easy to crack, the truth is that they are a challenging lot.

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Logo Design

In Pics: These Logos Have Got To Go

bad and ugly logo designs

We have said it again and again and again that logos are an important element to a brand’s identity and goes a long way in creating brand awareness. However, it seems that some companies just don’t get it and end up selecting a logo that is just so horrible that it does nothing to create a positive image for a brand rather just the opposite.

Keeping that in mind we present to you the bad, the ugly and absolutely horrible logo designs that were ever created. Looking at these, you will realize just exactly why a logo is so important in representing a brand.

Wisconsin logo

swamp ass brewing logo

The club doctor logo

The Detail doctor logo

Trashy Roots Logo

Millennium Interiors

Midwest automatic fire sprinkle

Cuts to die for

The Pool doctor

Hip Hop

Tree Doctor

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Print Design

How To Create The Right Letterhead And Business Card For Your Brand

creative business card

First impression is the last impression and in most cases, that is true. Especially when it comes to a business, it is important that you create the right impression upon your client/customer. Any marketing that you do or any marketing materials that you use should reflect the image you want your customer to perceive.

A lot of companies these days do not understand the importance of a well designed business package which includes the company’s letterhead, envelopes and business cards. Keep in mind the following essentials when designing a business package for your brand.

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