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These Gaming Websites Are Giving Us Major Design Goals

Gaming Websites

Gaming companies definitely have an edge when it comes to designing, which is evident in their games. But did you know that when it comes to websites, these companies actually have sites that are far from the typical and often boring designs? Apparently, not only do they have hit the jackpot with some of their games, but with their website design as well.  Don’t believe us? Take a look at how some of these gaming biggies have designed their sites by effectively utilizing the main elements of design along with a deep understanding of their target audience and what appeals to them.

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Print Design

6 Tips That Will Make Your Business Card Go From ‘Eh To ‘Whoa’!

tips to make business card

It cannot be denied that a business card is essential when it comes to networking with clients. Business cards go a long way to create an impression about not just you but your company as well – but whether that impression will be a positive or a negative one depends on the overall design of the card along with how smartly it has been used to convey information about your company without looking cramped.

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Search Engines Web Design

How Your Web Design Reflects On SEO

Web Design Reflects On Seo

Did you know that your website’s design can have a pretty significant effect on SEO? Though whilst designing, the visual impact is kept in mind however the internal coding of the website itself can reflect on SEO positively or negatively. Still confused? The following are a couple of ways web design reflects on SEO:

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Logo Design Social Network

Tips To Effectively Use Your Logo On Social Media

Use Your Logo On Social Media

So you have made a really amazing logo for your company and it’s time to use it on all your social media accounts. But wait… you notice that as soon as you use it on Facebook, the logo has been cropped and the same thing happened with Twitter.

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Logo Design

Rules Of Logo Design To Create A Perfect Logo

rules of perfect logo design

Businesses especially small businesses tend to rely on their logos to create an impression on their target audience and help to distinguish them from other businesses in the same field. Therefore, it is safe to say that a logo is very important in creating a visual identity for a brand and prove to be an effective marketing tool that can be used across various platforms to promote the brand.

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Why Branding Your Company Is Important For Its Success

Branding Your Company Is Important

So we hear the word ‘Branding’ used by marketers and it’s almost always casually thrown in conversations when discussing a product or some ongoing campaign. But do we really know what it exactly means? While there are a lot of definitions out there for it, perhaps the simplest and best definition of branding is “what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization — whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.”

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Web Design

Tips That Will Make Your Website Stand Out

Make Your Website Stand Out

Let’s face it- everyone wants a website that will attract a lot of users and increase traffic. However not everyone is able to achieve that and you know why that is? The design of their website is one that discourages users from coming back to it again instead of encouraging them to visit.

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Web Design

How Your Website’s Design Is Affecting Its Usability

Website Design Is Affecting Its Usability

A website is a must for any company in today’s time. A website that is designed beautifully and has amazing content will have you think that the website would be a hit. However, a website needs to be designed keeping in mind the user. Following are some factors that greatly affect the usability of your website:

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